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03/11/2021 - 06/11/2021

10th meeting of the Italian Association of Archaeozoology


We are delighted to announce that the 10th AIAZ meeting will be held 3rd-6th November 2021 in Siena (Tuscany, Italy), in the Santa Chiara Lab building (via Valdimontone, 1). The AIAZ meeting take place every three years and they represent an important opportunity for archaeozoologists (university staff, students, independent researchers and freelancers, enthusiasts etc.) operating in Italy and the central Mediterranean. 

The aim of the event is the dissemination of archaeozoological research through oral and poster presentations, as well as the development of a constructive dialogue among researchers, the exchange of knowledge and ideas on future projects, and the promotion of networking among professionals and students alike. The conference is open to everyone subject to registration. Presentations in Italian or English are welcome.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we encourage participants and anyone interested to check this webpage regularly for updates on the conference; depending on the development of the pandemic, the event might have to be moved to a virtual platform. In addition, the Organising Committee of the 10th AIAZ meeting will let all registered participants know about any changes to the programme.

The Organising Committee 

Call for abstracts

In this section you can submit your abstract for an oral or poster contribution, to present at the 10th AIAZ meeting. Have a look at the PDF document with all the proposed conference sessions before submitting, and choose the one which best fits the topic of your contribution. Remember to read carefully the editing rules (at the top of the Google Form) that your abstract must follow.

The deadline for abstract submission is 10th July.


  1. Methodology: new applications and research perspectives

  2. Human-environment interactions: ecological and environmental analyses

  3. The contribution of archaeozoology to the study of transitions: socio-economic, cultural and environmental aspects

  4. Animal products: origins, purposes, and distribution

  5. Analysis of faunal remains from high status contexts

  6. Taphonomic studies

  7. Animals in ritual and funeral practices (in honour of Elena Bedini)

  8. The wider picture. The inter-regional integration of archaeozoological data: opportunities, methods, and problems

  9. Archaeozoology and history: comparison and integration of different sources

  10. Special session: Animals used for recreational purposes and demonstrations of power

NB: you need to own a Gmail account in order to visualise and use this Google Form for abstract submission. If you don't own a Gmail account, you can easily activate one, or you can send an email to asking for information on how to send your abstract. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Siena!


Conference sessions

Send your abstract


Registration is open for the 10th meeting of the Italian Association of Archaeozoology!

The deadline for registration is 31st August.

The conference fee covers the conference material and all coffee breaks, and contributes to the renting of the venue.

The Executive Committee of AIAZ, having recognised the considerable impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the formation of young researchers, and in order to promote their participation in the conference has decided to offer reduced conference fees to unwaged students, and to provide a limited number of free or discounted accommodation options.

Conference fee categories:

  • unwaged (with no salary and/or conference grant) students (including PhD candidates), whether or not AIAZ members: 15 euro

  • other AIAZ members: 30 euro

  • other non-AIAZ members: 60 euro


Click on 'Registration form' and fill in the form. Once you have selected your ticket, click on 'PayPal' to proceed with the payment (the other payment methods which appear on the page are not available, and will redirect you to PayPal). 2 euro will be add to your ticket to cover the PayPal transaction fees.

If you don't have a PayPal account, and prefer other payment methods (see those listed in the 'Membership'page), please send an email to with all the information required by the registration form below.  

The registration is now closed.


The 10th AIAZ meeting will take place at the Auditorium of the Santa Chiara Lab, via Val di Montone 1, Siena (check the Santa Chiara website). The auditorium can host up to 124 people; it has a raised stage, and is provided with a proper lighting and sound system.



Siena can be easily reached by train or by bus. Train tickets are very cheap when booked in advance on the Trenitalia website ( Siena railway station is located about two km north of the city centre. It takes about 20 minutes of walking uphill to get to the city. You can also catch a bus; all bus services departing from the railway station will get you to the city centre in about five minutes. You will usually get out of the bus in Piazza del Sale or Piazza Gramsci.

Bus tickets can be even cheaper; you can find your ticket on the Flixbus website ( or you can look for other coach services.


There are no international airports next to Siena. The nearest airports are those of Florence and Pisa, both of which are well-served by low-cost companies (e.g. Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling).

  • Florence Peretola Airport - Siena (by train): from the airport, you can reach the central railway station (Florence – Santa Maria Novella) using the tram link T2. Regional trains to Siena depart regularly from the station (every 30 minutes) ( railway station is located about two km north of the city centre. It takes about 20 minutes of walking uphill to get to the city. You can also catch a bus; all bus services departing from the railway station will get you to the city centre in about five minutes. You will get out of the bus in Piazza del Sale or Piazza Gramsci.

  • Florence Peretola Airport - Siena (by bus): Alternatively, you can get to Siena from Florence by bus ( Florence bus station is close to the central railway station ‘Santa Maria Novella’, in via Santa Caterina da Siena 7. There are two types of bus services between Florence and Siena: ‘Rapida’ and ‘Ordinaria’. ‘Rapida’ services are direct buses with no stops between the two cities; the trip lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes. ‘Ordinaria’ services include two stops on the way to Siena (Poggibonsi and Colle Val D’Elsa); in this case, the trip lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes. In both cases, the final destination is Piazza Gramsci, in the city centre of Siena.

  • Pisa Airport Galileo Galilei - Siena (by bus): from the airport, you can reach the central railway station in less than five minutes, using the PisaMover shuttle. There are about two trains per hour departing from Pisa and directed to Siena; however, you will need to change in Empoli. The trip lasts 1 hour 50 minutes.

  • Pisa Airport Galileo Galilei - Siena (by train): alternatively, you can get to Siena from Pisa by bus. This departs from the airport (bus station just outside the terminal)and the trip lasts about 2 hours 30 minutes ( You will need to change in Florence and catch one of the buses to Siena; there are about 10-12 services per day (

Other Info


For this occasion, Duccio Balestracci (Professor of Medieval History – University of Siena) and Maura Martellucci (historian and manager of the restaurant ‘All’Orto de’ Pecci’ itself), will talk about the history of the Palio di Siena, the world-famous equestrian competition of medieval origin which takes place every July and August in the central Piazza del Campo.The history of the Palio di Siena is a complex one. Its function has never been limited to mere entertainment; on the contrary, for centuries the Palio has been shaping the cultural, economic and political life of the city of Siena. As such, a study of its historical development provides food for thought on several aspects of the human-animal relationship, a topic of interest to zooarchaeologists and to the wider public alike.


The conference dinner will take place at the restaurant ‘All’Orto de’ Pecci’ (Via Porta Giustizia 39, Siena), located next to the medieval garden of the same name, on November 5th at 8.00 pm. The restaurant offers typical Sienese dishes, making use of organic products from the surrounding territory. The cost of the dinner is 30 euro per person (water and other beverages are included), to be paid in cash upon arrival to the Conference. For further information on the restaurant, please visit the website:


And this is not all! The band ‘Serpe D’Oro’ (members: Francesco Amadio, Jacopo Crezzini, Luca Mercurio and Igor Vazzaz) will perform after dinner, with traditional Tuscan music and more.


The Organising Committee is composed by:

Claudia Abatino

Veronica Aniceti

Francesco Boschin

Jacopo Crezzini

Mauro Rizzetto

Lenny Salvagno

© 2021 AIAZ - Associazione Italiana di Archeozoologia